How do I know if I qualify for a pre-settlement legal funding from Fortune Funding?

There are 3 basic qualifications for approval

#1: The Extent of Your Injuries

The "extent of your injuries" includes not only the direct physical and/or mental injuries, but also how have those injuries impacted the rest of your life.

#2: Actual Liability

The second consideration to qualify and be approved for a pre-settlement legal funding is the degree of liability of the defendant. Is the person who you are claiming is at fault for causing the accident actually the person who is responsible? 

#3: Ability to Pay

The ability of the defendant (the at fault party) to pay for any damages awarded in a legal settlement.


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How pre-settlement legal funding works with Fortune Funding

4 Easy Steps To Get You The Cash You Need

1) You complete the application and call your attorney telling them you applied for a pre-settlement funding with Fortune Funding

2) Fortune Funding calls your attorney to verify your case information and to gather additional details.

3) If approved, we send you and your attorney the legal funding agreement with everything spelled out in easy to understand terms, you and your attorney review, sign, and return to us. We are unique in that we cap your interest at 2 years.

4) Fortune Funding sends you the money in a matter of days


You only pay us if you win your case
(If you lose your lawsuit you owe use nothing)